About Us

Pressing On magazine is a private enterprise, the work and dream of Mark Roberts (editor) and many of his friends who have enthusiastically supported the idea of an e-magazine.

To us at Pressing On it seems that reading is not dead (as many have opined).  It is just different.  People are reading Internet news, blogs and websites constantly.  Readership for the top websites and blogs is exploding.  While “paper and print” journalism may have seen its best days go by there can be no doubt that pixels are the future.  We think it is time to put those pixels to use in the cause of Christ and help Christians study, think, meditate and be better disciples with the written word on the digital screen.

That’s the goal of Pressing Onmagazine.  This isn’t a “paper” for preachers (though we think they will certainly benefit from it).  It’s not a magazine about “brotherhood news” or controversies.  It is not an academic journal, full of arcane and scholastic studies.  Our plan is simple.  We intend to put out the best quality writing for regular Christians to help them grow in their discipleship.  In short, we’re all about the “people in the pew.”  We want to help “regular” Christians grow.  Period.  We believe most of our readership will be past the elementary things that we often term first principles (Heb 5:12-6:2) so we don’t anticipate a great deal of focus there, though revisiting fundamentals from time to time can be tremendously helpful.  Thus, such material will find its way into Pressing On.  Mostly, we think that our readers want to worship better, be better parents, care about God more, combat materialism, see the world through God’s eyes, distinguish truth from and error, seek the kingdom first and generally follow Jesus more closely.  If that’s you, then you will enjoy and be challenged by Pressing On magazine!


Mark Roberts is the editor for Pressing On.  Mark is 47, and is happily married to Dena Roberts.  They have two girls, Becca and Sara who are now in college.  Mark has preached for the Westside church of Christ in Irving, Texas since 1992.  He is a prolific writer, having written and edited Westside’s monthly paper Abundant Life for more than 15 years.  His work has appeared in a number of brotherhood publications, and in 2011 Florida College Press published his book Understanding Revelation: A Guide to Apocalyptic Literature.  Mark has also published a variety of workbooks, including a workbook to help convert the lost (Seeking God’s Way), a new convert workbook (Who Will Follow Jesus), a workbook to help children assess their readiness to obey the Gospel (Am I Ready), and a number of guides to daily Bible reading.  Mark wrote for the book Behind the Preacher’s Door and along with Warren Berkley co-edited the follow-up book Letters to Young Preachers.  Mark will write the front page piece for each issue of Pressing On, and contribute articles on the Gospel of Luke from time to time.


Warren Berkley is our writer for the column Truth Connections.  Warren preaches for the Laurel Heights church in McAllen Texas.  Warren is widely known for being an outstanding student of the Word, who possesses a wealth of life experience (like being a bugler in the United States Army and having a pile of grandchildren) that makes his preaching, teaching and writing practical and helpful.  You can follow Warren on Facebook – which will brighten your day and amuse you considerably – and read more from his pen at Expository Files.

Dee Bowman will be once again be sharing his unique vantage point on life and godliness in his column “Be Wise Small.”  Dee is beloved by brethren for his love for people and determination to “storm the will” in his preaching.  He is the author of several books, was one of the editors of Christianity Magazine, and for several years was an adjunct professor at Florida College.  He has preached all around the globe and everywhere he goes brethren find their energy and zeal for the Lord are rebuilt to an even better level.  He has been associated with the Southside congregation  in Pasadena, Texas for over 35 years. His wife is Norma and his children are Russ and Denise.

Chuck Durham will join his deep love of Scripture and history together each month as he writes Now and Then.  Chuck preaches for the Twin City church of Christ in College Station, Texas, which means he is a Texas Tech Red Raider “behind enemy lines!”  Chuck loves working with college kids building their faith.  In his spare time Chuck enjoys reading history, gardening, beekeeping, and walking “Suzy” the dog.  Chuck is married to Wilna and they have a fine son, Jonathan.