How do I get Pressing On and how does it work?
Providing an e-magazine that works on all the different kinds of digital devices available today is very challenging.  At Pressing On we are very Kindle friendly.  We expect most readers will read Pressing On via a Kindle e-reader or through the free Kindle apps that Amazon provides.

The first step toward reading Pressing On for most readers is to go get the Kindle app they need.  Click here to download the free app. If you don’t want to read Pressing On via a Kindle app, you can read it as a PDF file on your computer, or in the .epub file format used by Nook and other e-readers. Every month we will simply email you a link so you can download the latest issue of Pressing On in the file format you need for your device. If you own a Kindle e-reader, and will enable it to receive Pressing On, we will simply email the magazine directly to your Kindle!

What’s the easiest way to read Pressing On magazine?
Without question the easiest way to subscribe to Pressing On is with Amazon’s Kindle reader.  The Kindle is an amazing and incredible device that is easy to use, doesn’t cost that much and makes it very easy for us to send you Pressing On each month.

If you don’t have a Kindle and want to consider buying one click here.  By using this link your purchase will benefit Pressing On magazine as you are taken to the Amazon Kindle store.  We recommend the Kindle 3 WiFi version.  You do not need 3G access to read Pressing On.  As long as you have WiFi access to the Internet you can receive Pressing On each month easily and efficiently on your Kindle.  In fact, once you’ve subscribed you won’t have to do anything.  Pressing On will simply appear each first of the month!

What if I don’t have a Kindle?
We will email you once a month with a link so you can quickly download Pressing On in the file format that works with your device.

Can I purchase a paper version of Pressing On?
No, you cannot.  We do not intend to print Pressing On or mail it out via conventional mail.  If you need a paper copy of Pressing On simply subscribe as a PDF users and then print it out each month as needed.

How to Setup Direct Delivery of PressingOn to Your Kindle:

Pressing On Video Tutorial #1 – Kindle Direct Delivery from Warren Berkley on Vimeo.